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Eid-ul-Adha 2014

Please Join Blossom Valley Muslim Community Center
 for the
“Day of Arafeh” community pot-luck Iftar @ BVMCC on Friday October 3rd h~ 6:51 PM
 2 Eid prayers/sermons
On Saturday October 4th
Fajr prayer at BVMCC 6:15 am
1st Eid Prayer at the BVMCC 8:00 AM takbir, 8:30 AM salat & sermon by Br. Bahaa shadid
2nd Eid Prayer at the BVMCC 10:00 AM takbir, 10:30 AM salat & sermon by br. Nourdin khayata
5885 Santa Teresa Blvd., suite 113 San Jose, CA 95123
Please come as early as you can to help us setup.
dHuhr prayer at the BVMCC: 1:30 pm
Plus donuts, water & good company Eid Mubarak
For more information please visit www.BVMCC.org * www.BVMCC.net or call (408) 362-0903
Irfan Tusneem,
Sep 30, 2014, 8:09 PM