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New Masjid Project

Assalam Alikoum Brothers & Sisters,

BVMCC will be holding a fund raiser for a new Islamic center today Wednesday June 21st after Isha prayer in shaa Allah. It will be carried live on Facebook to offer an opportunity for all to participate and get an up to the minute updates. 

We respectfully ask for your participation and contributions either in person or on Facebook and website. Please spread the word not only locally but across the US for anyone Looking for a great residual Hasanat in these blessed days of Ramadan 

This great community of Blossom Valley has been growing expeditiously in the last few years and is in need of an Islamic center. We have outgrown The currently rented center. Our collection currently stands at roughly $765k and hope to reach our goal of 1 Million this Ramadan. With your help and God's will we hope to reach our goal in shaa Allah. 

Please take advantage of the last ten days of Ramadan and particularly the night of the 27th and donate generously and spread the word

Any amount will help reach our goal, we ask Allah SBWT to reward you and multiply your wealth.

What: Fundraising event for a new center in San Jose Blossom Valley
When : Today the 27 th of Ramadhan, June 21st
Virtually @ https://www.facebook.com/bvmcc/
Physically @ 5885 Santa Teresa Blvd. #113 San Jose, CA 95123

Donate @

Jazakom Allah Khairan , make Duaa for your extend family @ BVMCC

New Mesjed Chairman Chakib K