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Please view the guidelines for Jumma prayers

Limited Resumption of Prayer Services at BVMCC Effective June 5 – Phase 1

Dear brothers and sisters,

Assalamu ‘alaikum. Based on health officials orders, only outdoor prayer services are permitted. No indoor services are allowed. Prayer shall be limited to a maximum of 25 persons. Participants must wear facial masks at all times and must always follow social distancing protocol of maintaining a six feet distance between them. Each participant must be screened for symptoms of fever or illness. 

Based on the latest order, inshaAllah we will resume prayers beginning Friday June 5, 2020 on a limited basis as a phased approach. This will be a learning experience for us because of complexity of logistics involved. Services will be expanded gradually as we learn to manage the logistics. Fajr and Isha prayers have resumed and prayers will be held, and only at the courtyard outside of BVMCC space on 5885 Santa Teresa Boulevard, Suite 113. Three Jummuaa Prayer Services at BVMCC have been added as of June 26 – Phase 1.c - 1st at 12:30 PM, 2nd at 1:30 PM & 3rd at 2:00 PM with online reservations required at NCIC website for the first 23 people for each service while abiding by the below guidelines in the same area courtyard but further back from when we are praying Fajr & Isha as easement with the neighbors during their working hours is observed.

At this time children less than 13 years old are not allowed. Persons age 65 years or older are requested to pray at home. Prayer attendees must come with wudu and bring their own prayer rugs. There will be no access to the building allowed and no arrangement for wudu. Please use hand sanitizer before and after use of facility. Prayers will be held on courtyard of our space on 5885 Santa Teresa Boulevard, Suite 113 area outside the building. 

A total of 23 congregants will be accepted from members on first come first served basis. One volunteer and our imam will make up the maximum of 25 participants permitted under this order. Congregants must pray fard in congregation only and leave immediately thereafter. In the meantime, we urge your cooperation in making the first come first served system work smoothly. 

For Jumma prayers, please see weekly emails for reservations.

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