23rd Annual County of Santa Clara palestinian Cultural Day

Eid AlFitr 1445 (2024) @ Silvercreek

BVMCC Eid Al Fitr 1445-2024.pdf

Sh. Hasan Abunar @BVMCC July

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BVMCC - Eid Al Adha - 1444/2023

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Sh. Hasan Abunar @BVMCC 

Sh. Hasan Abunar, Imam of Taraweeh at Masjid Alaqsa

Please join the BVMCC community tomorrow Sunday May 21, 2023 for Fajr prayer at 5:00 am followed by a spritual talk by our special guest Sh. Hasan Abunar, Imam of Taraweeh at Masjid Alaqsa and then stay & join us to enjoy our monthly Presidents’ breakfast of ethnic cuisine with sage & cardimum hot tea.

BVMCC - Eid Al Fitr - 1444/2023

BVMCC Eid Al Fitr 1444-2023.pdf

BVMCC - Ramadan - 1444/2023

Asalaam Alaikum,

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

InshaAllah, please join the BVMCC community for Ramadan-1444/2023:

(In accordance with the Fiqh Council of North America)

1-   1st night of taraweeh prayers with Sheik Ebrahim Othman will be Wednesday March 22nd, 2023, after Isha 8:45 pm at BVMCC (5885 Santa Teresa Blvd., Suite 113 San Jose, CA 95123).

2-   First day of fasting will be on Thursday March 23rd, 2023.

3-   Community Iftars will be on every Sunday in Ramadan-1444, the first being on March 26th, 2023, at BVMCC. Please see any of the board members if you like to sponsor an Iftar or Eid expenses (or a share thereof).

4-   Qiyam during the last ten nights of Ramadan-1444 with Br. Mohammad Shadid at BVMCC.

5-   Eid day will be on Friday April 21st, 2023. Br. Ehab Badr is our scheduled khateeb for the Eid prayer at the Sportsplex in San Jose and BVMCC will only have one Jumuaa at the BVMCC at 1:30 pm.

6-   BVMCC Ramadan 1444-2023 Iqama schedule is available on

7-   Fitra for Ramadan 1444-2023 is $20.00 per person for every member for the family regardless of age. (Fitra can be paid online with a link at starting Wednesday night)


Jazakum Allah Kairan,


May Allah accept all your good deeds in this blessed month, Ameen.



Alqarawiyyeen Schools @BVMCC

Starting SUNDAY March 5th, 2023

Quraan Memorization & Quran Reading Classes:

HYBRID program: SUNDAY in person at BVMCC and weekdays online

Age Groups: 6-8, 9-15 & 16-30

Call or Text- Tel +1 408 588 1717   



Click for Payment, Cost: $129/month/student (8 hours monthly)


 (20% off, $299 if signed Quarterly for 3 months)



Contact: Call or Text +1-408-588-1717